Yesterday was day 2 of the 2010 ski lesson season.

We got up there early, and I found that my cadet Rosemary (not her real name, in case you haven't figured it out) fell and hit her head while skiing during the week. She's fine, but is out for the season. A few other things changed (not unusual early in the series):

  • My missing student “M” would be coming up this week. According to the email that I saw, she had skied hogs before but wasn't really a big fan of it (sounds like parents taking her up a bit before she was ready).
  • My lower-ability student “H” would be dropping down to a lower class
  • I was getting another student (“Z”). He had been riding Daisy before but I don't know much more than that.
  • I have a new assistant to help me (we'll call him “Lemont”).

Not to bore you with details, but we did one trip up daisy and then two trips up hogs, with a play-in-the-snow break in between the two runs. My goal for right now is mostly around mileage - we'll do a little on technique (wedge-christie and up/down), but mostly I'm just looking for mileage.

In the afternoon I got two first-year kids and took them on a couple of trips on daisy. That also went well - I spent a lot of time skiing wedge turns backwards so that I could show them the path that I wanted them to follow and make sure that they were turning out of the fall line on each turn (they need that to be able to progress to steeper slopes). My legs were more than a bit sore after that.